Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010...only 1 marathon?

2010 has come to an end...well, nearly, only 3days left including today.

So how has my running been?

42km - sad to say I only did 1, in Putrajaya Night Marathon. After that, another 42km was in Ironman Langkawi but that was categorised in a long distance triathlon.

That's more marathons after Feb2010, meaning 10months without 42km.

PB was 3.52 in Penang and did the same in Singapore.

Ok, ok...2011 will be different.

My 2011 resolution...

1. To better 3.52
2. To run at least 2 marathons

Only 2 resolutions?

Ok, ok, I'll think of more before 2010 runs out and they won't be about running. :D

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