Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time flies, let's keep on running!

Is time moving much faster now compared to when I was a kid?


This year went by like a rocket. 30 days left and it's the year 2011. Heck, I still can remember school days back in...or should I say way way back in 1988 -1992.

1993 was college year...

1994 - 1997 Uni days...

1998 - first year at work!

12 years later, 2010, still working...not yet a millionaire. When will that day be??? By the time I become a millionaire, people are billionaires!! Darn!!!!

I better not think about that. Forget about it. Hahaha!

Just enjoy life as how God has planned for us. Live life and enjoy the fullest!

See the world, run every corners of the world...if possible.

Angkor Wat Half Marathon, here I come! :P

1 comment:

K3vski said...

Oooh, so there's where you are going. Enjoy your holiday and all the best! If you meet Lara Croft the Tomb Raider, don't forget to take a picture ya!

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