Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KRI Spritzer Scenic Run 2010

Last Sunday was this annual KRI run. Organised in Bukit Kinding Resort and the run will be around the golf course. Nice view they mentioned.

A 12km run...
Actually they can also call it a 12km hill run or climb. Yes, it was extremely hilly! The most hilly run I've ever experienced.
Most of it, I was panting like a half dead fish and halfway through a few climbs I walked! And seriously thought about stopping! Although many times people said nice view nice view, I was not enjoying it then...hahaha!

The hills are coming...the hills...arggghh!!!
Forget about the time splits...

Up down, up down...and a few hills were incredibly steep. Marshal stationed there told runners to slow our descend unless we don't mind rolling down like a sack of my case will be tomatoes...hehehe!

Ok, cut the story short, I paced with someone whom I forgot to ask his name in the final 2km. He asked me to follow him, so I did. Last km, he stopped to walk and I pulled him along as I pass him. But that was the only few seconds I was in front of him as he sprinted to the finish line in the last 200m. I was smoked! :(

Finished the 12km panting and out of breath. Happy to finish a strenuous hill run.

At the finish line, I waited for Michelle. So far no girls have finished and I didn't pass any. So she's still in good contention for a podium finish...again. :P

Too bad I didn't ready my HP to snap her finish...Michelle is the champion!! Woooohooo!!! Congrats !!!
The last km was a tough fight as she "pia" like hell to keep the 2nd girl behind her at a safe distance.Yip also did well, 4th. He took off ahead of me from 2km onwards, clearly showed his strength in hill climbs apart from his crazy endurance distances. He clocked 52min. Wow!!!Kudos to them! Well done!

As for me, I only managed 59min, position 20th...I think... :(


K3vski said...

Congrats to Mich and Yip! Your timing of 59 minutes also not bad lah, well cone.

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Thanks Kevin. U should try the hill run. Very very challenging.

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