Thursday, December 30, 2010

Phnom Penh photos

A typical road in Phnom Penh. Lots of motorcyclists. Helmets are not compulsory. Only those on bigger roads going more than 30kmh wear them.

Phnom Penh Museum - filled with temple and civilization artifacts.

Wet market, very similar to ours...but...they sit on the concrete structures meant to display your produce.

Tuk tuk ride

Russian market scene

Fortunate enough to attend a Cambodian wedding dinner. Quite similar to our local Chinese wedding dinner. Differences are...
1. Dinner starts when your table is full. Other tables may have to wait till theirs is fully seated. So each table will start and end on their own timing. Bride & groom stand & greet invited guests at the reception the whole night!
2. Angpows...yes, they also have the angpow policy...but to be given after dinner. Amount depends on your opinion of the dinner. Good dinner, give more.

Local hawker delicacy. It's a pancake, filled with spring onions. You eat with their clear savoury sauce plus chilli sauce. Nice!

Silver Pagoda next to Royal Palace

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