Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat - this is what you see when you get into the monument. You are on a higher level but there is still 1 more level to go...and it's much higher! Somehow looking at pictures or watching it on TV is not the same. You need to be there to be overwhelmed. The size is just astonishing! The presence which is beyond comprehension! And that's not all. Carvings! Yes, everywhere, there's not a place without carvings. The whole temple was covered with detailed carvings.

If you go into architecture and engineering of this monument, you'll be scratching your head as to how this place was constructed. It's made of rocks. Rocks from far far away. All brought there, stacked up and carved into that magnificent Angkor Wat.

Simply amazing!

Carvings of Apsara, the heavenly dancers. there were so many of them all over the walls and the best things is each of them is unique, different from one another. Their headgear is also different if you noticed. The Apsaras were all semi nude and her very round bosoms were mostly well polished by tourists! Hahahaha!
Here, we are on another level, and you can see how huge the place is with our size in comparison.

Looking down from the highest level, well, the highest level where tourists are permitted to go. The last photo is looking out to the main gate where we came in. Far isn't it? Even if you shout, I doubt your friend at the gate can hear it.

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