Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2hr 18min of Angkor experience

More photos from Angkor Wat Half Marathon...

The structures at the background is Angkor Wat. The run was flagged off in right front of the bridge into Angkor Wat. This year, the number of registered runners was at their maximum capacity of 5000!

We were blessed with a very cool morning and cloud cover so we don't get roasted during our run. Too bad for those who were there to see the magnificent sunrise over Angkor Wat.
This run was organised annually to help the orphanages, victims of land mines and youth HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program. Seeing the kids lining up to meet. hi-five and smile with us is priceless.

Throughout the run we were busy snapping photos everywhere we could on anything that attract our attention. Thus, it was a run stop snap run stop snap half marathon for the 3 of us, Debbie, Michelle and myself.

Halfway, we were honoured to meet Yuko Arimori, Representative Director, Hearts of Gold. She is marathon medalist, an Olympian in Barcelona and Atlanta. Her PB is 2.26.39!!!!

Heart of Gold, a non profit organisation that wish to share hope and courage through sports. They are very active in organising sports events to help the less fortunate people.

Drum performance by Heart of Gold to live up the run and was fantastic!
Our favorite temple has to be Bayon, the temple of many faces.

Coming out of the South Gate of Angkor Thom. That was about 2km to the finish line.
3 of us finish the run together, hand in hand, with a relaxing time of 2hr 18min. Time was not our concern then. We wished it was longer with more temples to cover. The 21km around the temples deserved longer distances. Hahaha! Very well organised! Yes, if only it was a marathon, 42km of beautiful scenery, history, culture, fun and above all, a run for a cause.For those who want to help and run through the Angkor civilization, it's next year 4th December.

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