Monday, January 10, 2011

Miss Ginger and Mr Lemongrass

Remember my Project Green week? It's week2 now.
Yup, ginger budding leaves have sprouted to say hello.
Here's a closer look. No doubt Miss Ginger here will grow, as long as there's enough water, sunlight and some tender loving care. Of course I can't forget to go and get some fertiliser. Oh no, I'm not going to wee wee on it! :P Can't imagine using Miss Ginger her for cooking next time. Hahaha!

At the same time, Michelle gave lil ginger a friend. Also a ginger but of different flavour. Hope to grow a little herb garden soon. 2011 resolution mah...hehehe!
As for Mr. Lemongrass, still looks the same...only that another fella was added. C'mon roots, grow!!!!!

1 comment:

Piffles said...

lucky you!
i'm hopeless with plants ... they don't want to grow with me!

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