Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something different...really...

1st January 2011 - cycled Ulu Langat after a should I say...short hiatus...? It's been months since I last enjoyed misty air up on Peres.

More mist was welcomed in Frasers Hill couple weeks ago. The past 2years, January weekend means Ironman training. This year, no Langkawi Ironman anymore, so, no training, gotta do something...different. Joined Tony's hikers for a cool weekend up in Frasers Hill. First time went up Pine Hill trail and up the second peak just to add more satisfaction to our hike. Distance wise, it around 15km in and out. Took us 5hr+ to finished it and head back in time for tea.
Group photo just before we set off 830am++

Luckily the trail was not muddy after all the rain. Temperature hovered around 20C, less sweat, less thirsty. How nice if we can have this weather in our runs.

Peak1 done without much hassle. After a 5min break, off we went to Peak2. Trail to peak2 is not as frequented as peak1 trail. Slightly muddy in certain parts and the rest is a single file trail.
Before we reached peak2, an almost vertical 50m climb was the challenge. Extra care required with slippery moss on rocks which you can easily slip off.
Chong's Suunto watch showed our altitude up on peak2. Lunch was served up there. Wonderful weather although it would have been excellent if the clouds didn't shield lower ground from us. Photos from Velan and Chong. Merci!!

Took out MTBs up there as well. No, not peak2...hehehe!
But it wasn't my bike, I borrowed it :P
We didn't go offroad cos we have no idea of any MTB trail up there. All we did was a very short ride to the nearest shop for teh tarik and next day, a 4km downhill to waterfall. So the real ride was a 4km climb back to the cottage. Something running, no road bike...

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