Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia Track Meet

A runner, a timekeeper, a track marshal...

Track meet started off with 3000m. No's 3200m. 8 laps instead of the 7.5laps for 3000m. Why?
PACM used chip timing for the first time in a track meet and the timing mat was set up only on 1 that's why la...

Tony Q was the event director.

The first 3-4laps, in front of the mid group I was but the final 2-3laps, I fell behind. Started strong, finished weak...haiya...

My time was 12.51 for 3.2km.
4min pace
Just couldn't break the 4min barrier...

It was nice to have kids having fun sprinting down the track. Just look at lil Usian Bolt here. He definitely has got cool style! His dad is a sprinter.

In the mens 4x400m, I got lucky to participate when a age group 30-39 team didn't have enough people. Got roped in for fun! Yeah!

That's our team. Yip, D4925 & D4926 were the last minute call ups, hence running without spikes. Haha!

I was the 2nd runner. Got the baton and we were 2nd last. I had to turbo all the way and not run out of fuel.
The last 100m was a do or die...I remember neck to neck with a runner in orange...C3038 runner in pix below. He knew I caught up beside him and wouldn't let me beat him in the final 50m. So man to man, runner to runner, whack!!!!!!!!
After passing baton to 3rd runner, I was delighted to find out that I managed to catch 2 teams. The jelly legs effect was worth it.
Yip was the last runner, our anchor. He made sure were finished 3rd among all the teams. Our surprise was we turned out to the the age30-39 champion. Well, not enough teams to fight with...hehehe!

The final event was the most exciting.
Mixed relay of 200m female, 400m male, 600m female, 800m male.

We led from start to finish. My 400m was the most intense 400m I ever ran. Our 1st girl runner led the 200m so I was under pressure to maintain it that way. With Goh CA, super fast junior veteran that I never can come close to, behind me, I better run for my life! In between us was another runner. Look at him in the pix above...his hand looks like a tiger paw and me, rabbit!

Half dead, literally, passed the baton to Bee Hoon, a well known veteran female. She made sure we remain ahead by pulling away from her closest rival. Our final anchor runner is non other than Yip, who had Ong Chin on the chase behind.

Non to worry, Yip cemented our position...champion! Well done team!

We are the champions!! Woohoo!!!!

Photos courtesy of Tey, Rozmi, Bee Hoon, Siti Hajar. Many thanks!

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