Monday, January 24, 2011

Something different

Last weekend was indeed a different weekend. Usually a race will be on Sunday but for UM Larian Gemilang, it was held on a Saturday. Hence, no usual Saturday bike ride.
I've always dreamed about running a race in UM. Finally the chance was a disappointing run. Why? Well, I got injured...sigh...yup, something we all hate but what to do, it happened when you least expect it. Injury?? But it was not a 100m or 200m sprint but a 8km run...sigh...

The start was fine and I was on a good pace but of course was behind Yip in the first km. He tailed the elite pack closely. We exited UM heading towards Kerinchi flyover and down to Federal highway. Passed Michelle who was breathing heavily and not at her usual pace.

Federal Highway without police or marshall...Dangerous! Ran up Gasing/EPF exit, turned towards University Hospital and back to UM. Passed the women participants one by one as they were flagged off 2min before the men. Passed Jessica at UM gate. Could only see Yannkai about 200m in front. The men elite pack is not in view anymore. They are way way ahead with a sub4 pace. Then it had to happen. Pulled my left calf about 20min into the run. Felt a sharp pain so I had to stop immediately. Massaged it and from then on, it was a slow jog, hop & walk to the end. At first I was thinking of a DNF by walking another way back to the finish line. Decided against it, went slowly along race route watching people passing by. Friends passed me with a puzzled look so had to tell them I got injured.
Anyway, Michelle didn't have a good run either. Managed to run or should I say hop together with her up the UM hill till the finish line. Thanks God still managed to smile for Tey's snaps. Many thanks to him!

Michelle still in top10. She got 9th. Annie 5th. Jessica 4th. Yannkai 2nd.
Yip 7th. Barry 14th.

Found out medals for top30. Hampers for 6th-10th. Cash for top5.

Boo hoo hoo...I could've at least be top30 if not for my poor calf.

Next time then...there's always another run coming. But rest for now...

UM Larian Gemilang
Distance: 8km
Time : 40:39
Pace: 5min

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