Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project ToMaTo

Yes, yes crazytomatoman is having another Project...what else but ToMaTo...hahaha!

Thanks to Frank who said I'm missing it out in my little herb garden. What to do, nickname is already a tomato, so must have a tomato plant la...hahahaha!

Well, I won't put too much hope in planting tomatoes cos it's NOT easy...but I'll try it anyway. :)
Project ToMaTo - Day 1

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Cheong (kolo mee) said...

You r right, not easy due to the high probability of plant diseases when planting low land.

I think you first need to get the variety suitable for low land planting. Also best to keep it shield from the elements, since the rain brings alot of diseases in the low lands, while pest is another problem.

You can visit the Malaysia Exposition Park in Sedang (MAEPS)to get a feel of planting in low land. They have a section for fruits and vege agri. Of course they mostly cater to large scale - but the concept applies.

Watch out for MAHA exhibition held once every 2 years (thus far) at MAEPS. Last one was held in 2010. http://mahaexpo2010.com/.

Then again, who knows you may have been blessed with green fingers - so whatever you plant could yield fruit. All the best and look forward to future updates and tips on your Project Green.

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