Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Celebrating 2008 Pacemakers Style!

Pacemakers welcomed 2008 with a fantastic run at Lake Garden on 1st January and here are some excellent photos courtesy of Pm22 Tey. He an excellent photographer snapping our precious moments.

Check it out!

New year's eve didn’t party so now do both running & dancing lah…..a.k.a Bee Gee’s Staying Alive

Houn: Phhhhhuuuuiiiii!!!! How come taste like warm beer?!?!?
Gary : Hmmph?!?!?! @%*#?!?!

Aiks!!!! Personal friends Khoo (nickname: ku ku ciao) and red faced tomatoman caught red handed!! These two really "run bright"....in hokkien it's "cau kerng"

Dr. Rum with a sheepish smile….malam tadi apa buat??!! Yit Thing at the side also beh tahan….hahaha!
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