Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cleat Clip On-Off 101 & Hill Climb 101

On 31st December 2007, I took leave to enjoy the last day of the year by riding around Putrajaya. Had the honor to ride beside Rummerida, the Ironman (coming soon!) Well, the honor kinda disappeared without a trace and I had the shock of my life! KNN! Wat da heck?!?!
Rummerida rode across a busy road putting his life in danger to passing cars not because he’s rushing to save a hot chic, no…no…. but simply because he refused to stop. He just had to ride on. But if he had stopped, he would have fallen or crashed due to inability of instant un-clipping the shoe cleats from pedals, and that would be worse.

Yes, our ride on that day started off with so many vehicles zooming around during that rush hour and the death defying Rummerida action. Oops! Forgotten that 31st was a working day so I chose a bad day for a peaceful ride. It turned out to be a challenging ride for baby cleat clippers like us...hahaha!

Realising safety is top priority when you’re on the road, we turned into the housing area nearby where traffic was almost zero and had our crash course (no pun intended!) Cleat Clip On-Off 101. After rounds of practice at the traffic light junctions, we can be considered ok in un-clipping when you most need it. Phew!

Our lite & easy ride led us to PICC and that became our hill training. On the bike, it’s a steep hill where Rummerida conquered it with ease. Well, what can you say for a person with bulging incredible hulk calves and quads! 6 rounds doing Hill Climb101 and…sob…sob… I lost them all. Hats off to him…. or in other words, KNS! Niamah!

At the top of the hill, we could almost see the entire Putrajaya. What a view!
PICC upclose

The road leading to the magnificient govt buildings

And so….a bad start end safely with a newly mastered skill and fruitful hill training. Thank God!
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