Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last month just before Christmas I went to Thailand for work…yes, work! ….and….err…and a bit of holiday and sightseeing also lah. Went to Rayong & Bangkok.

Put the work aside, so let’s have the jalan-jalan cari makan dan tengok sini sana story. It all started in KLIA cafeteria, Food Garden. Early morning breakfast so it has to be roti canai lah, except this time it’s roti bom. For sure this airport mamak kept in touch with Italian or French cuisine presentation whereby plate is very the big big…but…food small small and sits in the middle looking very lonely.

On the MAS flight, sad to say I’m a ‘sakai’ cos I was greatly impressed by the meal. It came in a stylish presentation, a long box which resembled some mooncake boxes. In it were sandwiches, an apple, water & Cadbury choco snacks. Food boleh tahan only lah, it was the meal BOX that impressed me….hehe!

Even after the meal, I was shivering as someone must have ‘accidentally’ turned the air-conditioning to “Freeze them all…Muahahaha!” Oh sorry, I watched some hero & villain movie the night before so that’s how the evil words came out….muahahaha!!
Anyway, time to warm myself. Time to have eau de vie, the water of life. In other words, wine, not rum! Hehe!

Tomatoman with colleague.

After gulping wine… tomato red!

Yup, wine finito and I’m going places, physically as well as mentally….hahaha!

Bangkok airport gives you a very industrial feeling with original concrete and metallic colours.

My colleague seemed kinda sick with this craztomato who keeps snapping pix here and there.

Howdy partner....want some coffee?

Lunch at Rayong town, about 180km from Bangkok. We stopped by a western restaurant which serves Thai food. We had wachamacallit….err, no that was not the name lah…it’s some kind of Thai food lah. Sorry, I didn’t take down those names…
....the wachamacallits....

One thing I gotta show you is the men’s toilet! Open air toilet! Yeah, we have fresh air and therefore can pee without holding our breath.

That toilet gives a very natural feeling lah like back to nature…..hahaha!

Dinner was fresh seafood. Yummylicious!!! The most unique was Thai style of sushi or umai (Sarawakian sushi)
Fresh raw prawns eaten with raw onions, mint leaves, semi ripe mango. Ooh la la!!
.....more wachamacallits....hehe!

At 720baht, we go these studio units for our hotel room, in Rayong. It comes with a jacuzzi! Looking at that the whole night, I had to sing this song in tomato version…..Lonely….i’m so lonely….i have no girl girl to be with me….hahahaha!

….Stay tuned for episode 2….
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