Monday, January 7, 2008

May-Noo (Menu)

Gotta share this menu with you from my jalan-jalan cari makan episodes. Err...actually this menu is from the coffee shop I patronise weekly if not fortnightly for lunch. It's only about 100m from my office....hehe!

For a bananaman like this tomatoman, these direct translations of Cantonese into alphabets spoken in Engrish accent are perfect! Otherwise I'll order as "that one....ah...yes, that one know ...the "hou sek" one ah.....ya lah, that one lahhhhhh"

But ordering in English spoken with kwailow accent may complicate things : FUKUA KAI

I'm getting hungry reading all these...

Trust me, I have no idea what coconut seafood is....??

Instructions below are quite confusing if we don't think like the taukey nio....hahaha!!!

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