Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nature ride at Hulu Langat

Hulu Langat area has a super duper route for bike rides. Fortunate enough to join the regular hard core riders one Saturday morning.
We started around 730am, headed for Pangsun before making a U turn and the challenging Genting Peres was next. Wow! First time in Hulu Langat and I cycled my way up with them. Tomato boleh! hahaha!

It was hard, it was tough going uphill but the cool mist, fresh air, birds' singing gave some inspiration and the joy of cycling encircled in nature.

9km of hill climb...

Dr. Rum was truly the king of the hills. First time up Genting Peres and he just zoomed off together with Kenny as if it was a flat route.

and the tomato was the last one up to the Umno signboard.
Have a rum...I'm Dr. Rum!

Eric and Kenny

...Malaysian riders on their regular training

....Going down & furious, depending on how much brake pads you wanna save...hahaha!

After the downhill thrill, we went pass the beautiful Semenyih lake (hope i got it right). A perfect place for fishing but you gotta beware if a guy ask you to join him for a fishing trip and it happens that his fishing rod still has the price label hanging on it.... Gunung Belakang Rosak lah...(Brokeback Mountain)....hahaha!
After a refreshing break at Tekala picnic spot, it's time to head back to Pekan Batu 18.

Kampung chicken eggs and nasi lemak were heaven for our brunch after our bike ride.

John has his share and it's Eric having his chow down. Yumm yumm!!

This is a highly sought after packaging of 100plus for riders....yeah!

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