Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy new year??? Depends lah….

Ladies & gentlemen, our national new year 2008 headlines read:

Malaysians welcome 2008 with a bang.

I’m the one.

Chua quits all posts.

What sort of a bang was it? Fireworks bang or someone kena bang bang bang?
Imagine this happened to any Ali, Ah Chong or Muthu. Sorry lah brother, no front page or headlines for you. Nobody gives a damm except the wife and family, so after you bang, the opposite happens whereby you kena bang!

Our Health Minister’s news became such hot news because it happened to someone we all know…err…sorry, I mean most of us if not some of us, hopefully. Whether this happened to James Bond, Austin Powers or coming back to reality, Bill Clinton, people will want to know. People thrive on such news. Why ah? busybody mah...want to know wat's happenin leh...

It is sad that someone who contributed so much to the country has to step down in responding to a mistake he did a couple of years ago. Unlucky guy. Yes, he did something not right but he was honest, apologised to the nation and took responsibility for it.

10 things good that he did, nobody knows…
1 thing bad that he did, everyone knows…

What about the others who are not caught? Hmm....pandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. Kadang-kadang jatuh dalam lubang! Itu baru tau!! Hahaha!

This is just the same in other aspects of our lives. Take for example, football. The goalkeeper.

10 good saves that he did, nobody remembers…
1 blunder and everyone mocked him….

Sad….the world has become a sad sad world….people thrive for mockery, accusations or simply enjoy to see people suffer.

Why did people do the camera setup? Who?
People who are in pursuit of power and money! Yup, the love of power and the love of money drive us humans to be evil.

But in the first place, the moral of the story is… do not commit adultery lah.


Raymond said...

The hotel in batu pahat is called Katerina.The mysterious woman is a florist.And the person who put the camera is xxxxxxxxxxxx coz uncle chua lengthen the duration of Housemanship for newly graduate medical students!!

He contributed a lot for the medical fraternity and most doc like him a lot but so old still wanna do such shameful act,in the end he rightly deserved what he 'sow'!

Matterhon & Seaweed said...

Well written. You are right. One blunder and you are out! The smart tupai escapes but not for long.....

Thanks for inviting us to view the tomato man blog.We will be great followers of your blog.

Anonymous said...


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